tirsdag den 4. februar 2014

Since our Mepo-trip.

I know, I know! It has been a while since my last post. Actually I haven't posted since visiting Mediapolis.
Well our trip home went well. We had a perfect vacation, and it was AMAZING seeing everybody again. Cannot wait till we one day will go back.
So when we got home we had to get used to work and school again, which took us some days :)
Christine is still taking riding lessons, and still loves it. We went to their Christmas show, where Christine and I stayed the whole day, so Christine could watch all the other kids ride, when she was done riding. It was a fun day.
Christmas eve we spend at our house with Sørens parents, his brother and family, my brother and family, my mom and my grandpa. It was a fun evening with our closest family.
We lost my grandma on december 11th. We miss her very much, but it gives us comfort knowing she is in a better place now.
During winter I'm not working so much, and I enjoy not being gone all day every day. I love being able to pick up Christine early.
Søren has started running. Right now the weather is not good, and we do not get to ride our bikes very much. We hope the weather turns soon, so we can get back out.
This week Christine's school has made a small society. The kids work, get payed, pay taxes and have bank accounts. Christine is working in the restaurant as a waiter. Seems like they have lots of fun, and at the same time it is educational. I think that is a good way to learn about how things work. Seems like they are having lots of fun with it. Also learning it is important that you have money for food, and not use it all on fun.

Christine helping getting Felix ready for the Christmas show. She loves that horse.

Christine riding Felix.

Every rider got a little price, she was so proud.

This is from the school-society. Christine is visiting the beauty shop.

Getting a massage.

And then back to work at lunch time. The restaurant is busy.

Ready to serve her friends.

mandag den 21. oktober 2013

Fun times.

It has been such a fun day. First Christine and I went to visit Natalie and the kids. We went out there at 10am, and our plan was to be home around noon, but the girls had so much fun, and I enjoyed the time with Natalie so much, that we staye until 3pm. Christine played so well with Hallie, Libby and Aubrey, and she was very excited knowing that Libby and Hallie would come to Mary Jo's house this evening together with Mary Jo's grandchildren S and M, while we moms got together at Tricia's house.
So this evening I went to a girlsnight at Tricias. It was such a fun evening, but also a little sad knowing, that I wouldn't see some of the girls again this time.
Tomorrow we will go harvest with one of the guys from Hawkey, Dan Harris.

Christine and Aubrey making cinnamon rolls.

Natalie burning Christine's cinnamon rolls ;)

The girls had a tea party. All dressed up, eating their cinnamon rolls.

søndag den 20. oktober 2013

Monkey Joes.

We had such a fun day in Davenport today. The girls loved Monkey Joes, and had so much fun playing there. We did lunch at Julie and Bryans before going to Davenport. In Davenport we did a little shopping before we went to Monkey Joes.
So this has been a super weekend.
Tomorrow Christine and I will go visit Natalie and her kids in the morning, and tomorrow night a girlsnight at Tricias house. It will be fun.

Sweet girls.

The slides were lots of fun.

Our princess :)

She got hot and had to get out of some clothes.

Silly girls.

Relaxing in the massage chairs.

Ready to go home.

The girls and their dads.


Thursday night we went to Jodi and Pauls for supper. We had a great evening, and Christine enjoyed spending time with their oldest daughter.
Friday Christine went to Zoe's house for a sleepover. Søren and I went to the movie theater with Debbie and Brad. We enjoyed spending time with Debbie and Brad again.
Saturday we had lunch with Bryan, Julie and Zoe, before going to Davenport with Debbie and Brad. Christine stayed with Zoe for another sleepover :)
We went to a couple of stores, then supper at Outback. Yum! We had the blooming onions (they are so good) and a huge steak :) After supper we went to the mall, but guess we were all to full and to tired to shop :) So I just did a little shopping for Christine, who absolutely doesn't need anything :)
Today Søren and I have been sleeping in :) So soon we will go to Julie and Bryans for lunch, and then a trip to Davenport with them. We will go to the mall and a trip to Monkey Joes too. Another fun day ahead of us.

Supper at Jodi and Pauls.

torsdag den 17. oktober 2013

Stars cave.

Today we went to Stars Cave and went for a walk. Actually it ended up being an adventure walk, as we climbed this steep hill, and had lots of trouble getting up, just to find out we had to go down again to get back to the car. Well... Besides that climb, we had a great walk and the weather was perfect. A nice way to spend the day.
Soon we will be leaving to go to Jodi and Paul's house for supper.

The beginning of our walk.

Christine and I.

Søren and Christine reading the signs describing the plants.

Christine infront of the bat cave.

We climbed down to see the water.

Christine infront of another cave.

Christine posing.

And again posing for the camera.

We had to balance on the stones to get over the water.

On the bridge that led to the bat cave.

The expression on Christine's face is due to very bad aroma :( Maybe because of the water standing still right here.

We climbed up to one of the caves.

onsdag den 16. oktober 2013

Walk and risk.

Monday we did absolutely nothing. We stayed home. Mary Jo's grandaughter came out and her and Christine played most of the day. We all went for a little walk down by Galen's corn fields, and the girls had a snack in the stone cave, that is what they called it :)
Tuesday Christine was going to join Zoe at school at lunch time, and then stay there for 1 1/2 hour. She was a little nervous, but she ended up having lots of fun with all the girls. After Julie and I picked her up, Christine went home with Julie, so that they could pick up Zoe later when she was done with school, and the girls could play for a while, before we had to go to Aaron and Luanns for supper.
Søren and I went shopping before picking up Christine.
We went to Aaron and Luanns for supper and a game of risk.
Aaron had invited some guys over to play risk with them.
Us three ladies and Christine played some wii in the basement while the Guys played risk. It was so good spending time with them again.

Christine and M on our walk.

Eating snack in the stone cave.

Looking for dragon eggs in the wagon :) We were on an adventure walk :)

Christine walking in line to go eat lunch at school.

All the guys playing risk.

mandag den 14. oktober 2013

Birthday Party and other pictures.

Sunday I went to pick up Christine at Zoe's house. They had had so much fun sleeping together. We spent the morning and some of the afternoon at their house before going to a ninja Birthday party at Geode state park.
The weather was perfect to spend the day outside. First we sang Birthday song, then we had cake, the kids played for a while and before leaving we went for a walk in the wood. A super fun day spend with good friends.

Christine ready for cake.

All the cool ninjas.

They caught Nick.

Christine and M on our walk in the wood.

Posing for the camera.

All the moms at the party. Loved spending time with them.

Søren and I.

This is from when we left the pumpkinpatch saturday afternoon.

Christine and Zoe sunday morning. Dressed the same as allways.

Christine and I went with Julie to pick up Zoe a day last week. Here she met her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Schulte. It was so good seeing her again. Maybe tuesday Christine will go with Zoe to school for a bit.